"The energy and the quality of the speakers and presenters raises networking to a new level. The WBN is a must for quality contacts."

Paul Pritchett, General Manager, Abundance Plus

"A dynamic, fluid network of 'switched on' people."
Robert Kirby, Director,
Core Energetics
WBN Today

Is your networking not attracting all the connections you would like?

Are you at the right place at the right time meeting the right people?

Have you met anyone interesting lately?

Are you a small business owner, a creative healer, corporate trainer, executive or personal coach, management or IT consultant, financial adviser or artistic professional, etc. -- who wants to be part of a better network but you may find it difficult to connect with the 'right' people, don't get the networking & marketing results you'd like and wonder where or how to start marketing your services... and you want to...

  • Get much better quality connections and develop long term relationships with likeminded individuals consistently...
  • Make connections with other professionals to develop strategic alliances or joint ventures, set up referral networks, ask questions, and help solve each other's business problems or develop peer support networks...
  • Communicate your service or product in a way that new potential clients become interested in what you offer...
  • Have a great business and are good at what you do... and looking to connect with an international network of inspired individuals to accelerate your growth?
  • Network & Market with integrity and authenticity, enjoying meeting interesting people personally & professionally?
  • Are interested in participating creating sustainable lifestyles?

We have been successfully networking holistically minded individuals internationally since 2002. If you want to jump right in, get your invitation today by clicking here

We work with a wide-variety of holistically minded individuals who are setting standards in their industry. Our Members provide professional services to individuals as well as domestic and sometimes global businesses. They may provide Consulting or Coaching services, identify and enhance professional & personal development, provide Marketing solutions, deal with Health & Well being issues, advise of important financial matters, help individuals with Stress Management, or help small business to develop and implement IT technologies and strategies... to name but a few!

What they all have in common is that they're great at what they are doing and love their work.

Our most successful members believe in continuous personal & professional development in Mind, Body & Spirit. They realize, like all successful individuals do, that you don't stay on top by sitting still, you must always be looking for ways to improve your networking, your business and your communication skills. 

Our members seek to be inspired leaders and they want outstanding results, wanting to get there on a path that is healthy for them and for the environment. They recognize that emotional and psychological factors play a significant role in personal, professional and organizational performance. They're seeking how to leverage this fact and cooperate with others on purpose. Choosing to create empowering, sustainable environments that enable the human spirit to flourish directly impacts the bottom lines of profit and growth. They're interested in knowing how to become even more accomplished so that they can make a difference in these times of change even more elegantly.

Our members have a tendency to think outside the square... they are ready to deal with many challenges! They are skilled in their industry, confident in what they know, humble about what they don't know and curious about the possibilities that lie between the two. They welcome new ways of thinking and innovation. In fact, they recognize that today's business challenges cannot be solved by old ways of thinking.

Finally, our members share a certain frustration with the results of traditional management thinking and training approaches. Their intuition tells them there must be a better way to develop, share and utilize our commonwealth.

Now where you know who we working with, continue reading how we work.


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