"Interesting topics proposed on a monthly basis is widening my horizons and is opening my mind...an investment of time into larger term & higher aimed goals. It has enabled me to define more precisely what my business is about and what it is not!"
                                Chris Luchsinger
                                Radi8. Pty. Ltd
How We Work - Part 2

What WBN members have experienced:

Networking can be less of a struggle and certainly more fun. It's a matter of learning what actually works to attract the right connections for you. It's an approach that works well, being part of an international community of visionaries and educators making a difference on the planet.

You'll get more word-of-mouth business. Good marketing actually leads to more people talking about you and the services you offer. Our networking strategies give you many opportunities to connect on purpose. It's not unusual that people will refer you even if you haven't worked with them!

You'll enjoy a greater personal & professional network of switched on people. Remember the old saying... "It's not what you know, it's who you know!"  Word of mouth referrals are some of the most effective forms of marketing.

You'll increase your wealth and share your expertise with others. Working with professionals who love what they do and do what they love is highly attractive and creates success. Join some of our special events that are designed to connect, inspire and lead the way. Many members have formed business and personal relationships that have supported them in monumental shifts in their lives.

"Achieving more with less isn't a paradox, rather the catalyst for what it means to create a world to which people want to belong".

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