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Promote yourself - great ideas for promoting small businesses

Small Business Resource Center - 99designs exists to challenge the status quo of the traditional design process and promote a powerful relationship between designers and small businesses. By 2016, we will have helped over one million people grow their businesses through access to high quality, affordable design.

Find out more about networking including Australian networking groups to join at Robyn Henderson's networking site a great website to link into for information about how to market online

A great book list for marketing and business, a free newsletter and interesting articles written by marketing experts

Some interesting short articles about marketing. A great way to keep in touch with what is new in marketing

A fantastic website that lists books about any topic you could ever think of. Just type in your question and lists of books will come up on how to ie- buy a house, purchase shares, make a cake, fix your bike etc.

Want Online courses? check out online courses in all areas. The user logs in with a password and downloads the information.

A list of the top ten websites in a particular area - a good way to get to the most popular websites on the net.

Bureaux,a better place to do business. Bureaux are business lounges in the heart of Sydney and Melbourne's CBD, providing a sophisticated alternative to conducting business in hotel lobbies or noisy and crowded cafes.

Career test-career quiz to define your career path

"Business Resource for Enterpreneurs with a Disability"

Business planning

Business Planning the Smart Way
Create professional business plans the smart way with CCH MasterPlan. Buy now and also get a free copy of Quicken's QuickBooks EasyStart business accounting software, worth $99.

Business Plan
Tried looking in your own backyard? The search engine for Australians.

21st Century - Business Plan
Take this opportunity to meet an Australian who went from zero to self made millionaire by developing the mindset of a millionaire and applying the strategies available in the world today.

B Plans
Whilst this site primarily exists to sell planning software, it's a great resource if you'd like to see how other business owners set about constructing a plan. From business plans and marketing plans to website plans and detailed financial plans, this site has examples of all and from a wide variety of businesses. If you're planning to develop a plan, take a peek:

Around 93% of people looking to put a business plan together, will also be in search of financing and as such we are a A+ rated company by the BBB, is trusted, and has been around for many years.

A Clayton's Secretary:
A website dedicated to the growing industry of Virtual Assistants, or as this site puts it 'the secretary you need when you haven't got a secretary'. A Clayton's Secretary provide services to support home-based and small business operators. Their services include: word-processing, dtp, data entry, book-keeping, transcriptions, internet research, Powerpoint and other presentations, e-mail and fax facilities, phone answering and many other secretarial/administrative functions. View their growing database of VA's at:

Surveys and questionnaires:
Here's a great intro into the world of surveys and questionnaires. Ever wanted to undertake a simple survey of your clients? Not sure what to ask or how to go about it? Take the tour and you'll find some great info and if you look hard enough there's some good free stuff in this US site.

This site certainly contains a wealth of information including articles and tips on many topics, including lease contracts, partnership agreements even one tilted, 'Why we need lawyers.'  Well worth bookmarking:

On-line tutorials:
So much to learn, such little time! This site is effectively a portal for the plethora of on-line tutorials that exist. Many are free (many are not) and the list is vast. Whether you want to learn computer basics; how to introduce an effective fitness program into your life; or how to make a paper plane that floats in the bath, this site has the lot.

Business Card Guru:
It can be quite tricky designing a business card. We all need one, but how do you create a distinctive, memorable business card without spending too much time, too much money, or going crazy in the process? This site has some thought-provoking ideas and a free, simple tutorial. Clear your rolodex and head for:

Big ideas for small business:
Jim Collins is a student of enduring great companies - how they grow, how they attain superior performance, and how good companies can become great companies. Having invested more than a decade of research into the topic, Jim has co-authored four books - including the classic Built to Last, a fixture on the Business Week bestseller list for more than six years. There is a mass of valuable information on this site, in the form of audio files, presentations and articles.

My Word
"If your website isn't bringing you business, it's not doing it's job." These harsh words are from Sam Leader, former Flying Solo contributor. She's set up My Word Copywriting Services whose aim is to turn 'browsers into buyers'.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK:
This is an absolute candy store of information for business owners around the world. Their Knowledge Centre is brimming with information, there's a free marketing planning tool and more PDF's to download than you can poke a cursor at. Be patient, it's a big site that takes a while to navigate.

The Top 10 Keys to Crafting a Compelling Mission Statement - by Barbara McRae

Most individual or corporate mission statements contain industry
buzzwords, are so complex that no one can recite them, and do nothing to
inspire. The more elaborate it is, the less likely it is understood and
remembered. Having a clear and concise mission statement for yourself and
your Company becomes your guiding compass as you journey through
life... To Read the Complete article, visit:


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