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This documentary is 100% independent. The makers of the film, James and Laurentine, did not accept any money from supplement companies, or health food retailers. You will not see any plug in the film for any specific brand. We believe this is a good thing. However that means we have to reach everyone on our own. So we have come up with a streamlined way for the both of us to work together...


The "Whole world can talk for free."

Self service direct marketing newsletter

The "Marketing Plan Workbook", the best marketing principles with great results, included in this Start-Up Kit. It includes one of the best audio programs Robert Middleton has ever recorded along with a 22 page workbook. All of this is yours free. Just click on this link:

Free Job Opportunity Evaluation Kit from Quest:

Resumes that work:
Do you have a gap in your work history? Are you trying to switch career fields?  Consider developing a functional-style resume to highlight your achievements regardless of when or where they were gained. To view an example of converting a chronological resume to a functional resume, go to:

FREE consultations to businesses at whatever stage.
Sydney Business Advisory Service

FREE Astrology charts:

The concept for MoodGYM and the content of the site were developed by the Centre for Mental Health Research at the Australian  National University. MoodGYM is an interactive program designed to help identify whether you are having problems with emotions like anxiety and depression and how to overcome these problems, with new coping skills for the future. This is an incredibly comprehensive and FREE resource, requiring only that you register a name and email. As the founders kindly advise, it need not be your real name or email. Be warned, the get the most from this site takes time, a fair bit of time. Get in the mood at:

Looking for someone to share accommodation?

Holistic Resources:

Let's Talk Business:

Here's another resource-full website, overflowing with useful information for the budding and established entrepreneur. The section I particularly like is the archive of radio shows, where we get to meet the likes of Lester Thurow, Ken Blanchard and l Ries. Plug in your headset and hop along to:

Talent Develop:
Yet another fine recommendation from the already very talented, Libby Davy. As the site founders say, (this resource) "offers perspectives on developing multiple talents and exceptional ability - information and inspiration to enhance creative expression." Couldn't put it better myself.

Entreworld Sound Clip Archives:

If you'd prefer to take your information through your ears, this could be the site for you. The Entreworld audio clip library is comprehensive and very impressive. Most of the audio clips are succinct and all come with a downloadable .pdf transcript. Best of all, they are all free of charge. A site that makes those selling poorly recorded teleclass recordings full of 'info-lite' look a teenie bit silly.

nline graphics generator:
At the risk of alienating every trained designer out there, this is a nifty online graphics generator where logos and other images are created in an instant. The free stuff you'll get from here may not win awards, but if it means you'll start promoting your web presence it may just be of benefit. The people at Cool Text pledge to always be available free of charge and with over 14 million logos rendered, you have to applaud their generosity.

Netvibes: Order on your screen...
"Netvibes puts everything you need on one web page, in neat little boxes
that you can rearrange, reposition and rejigger to your heart's content."

Change your Perception

Open Source Windows:
Free and open-source software is good for you and for the world. This is the best Windows software that we know of. No adware, no spyware, just good software.

the wombat -- all is one:
our lifespan from universal time perspective is 1/10,000 of a second:
carl sagan -- photo of earth from beyond saturn, we all live on a pale
blue dot:
for me, thirty years of study and work for clean air, drinkable water,
healthy land and a sane way of living on this planet is beautifully
and powerfully summed up in the 7min 6sec of the above three pieces.


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