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WBN NZ World Business Network New Zealand supports: 8-9am Thurs 9.9.10

Adriane Hartigan-von Strauch & John Coombs

Global Health Clinics  - 5 Anzac Street Takapuna   North Shore City,

A new NZ initiative Global Health Clinics is an integrating health
clinic, specialising in Natural Health. Bringing together a collective of
highly trained practitioners to cover all areas of health and well being.
From Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Iridology, Massage therapy, Psychotherapy,
NLP, Hypnotherapy, Art Therapy, Dietitians, Nutritionists. With these
therapies moving more into mainstream consciousness along with a healthy
diet and regular exercise we are witnessing extremely beneficial effects
with the human race in health and wellbeing.

Listen to Adriane Hartigan who has spent 20 years as a natural health
practitioner and who introduced Jin Shin Jyutsu to NZ explain some of the
deeper levels of working together. She is also the founder of the Wholistic
Business Network NZ and which is now the World Business Network NZ.

John Coombs, long term advocate and business activist for sustainable
development - in natural health, organic food distribution and
manufacturing, practical waste utilisation and environmental welfare. John
gives an energetic overview of the potential and possibilities around the
synergies relating to the dynamics of pulling various modalities together
and empowering us to take charge of both our health and collective future.

We are now at a time when the practitioners of the numerous holistic
health remedies including vibrational medicine are coming together in
teams to give us a 'one stop shop' to initiate well being and maximise
self expression.

New co-operative ventures that pull together powerful modalities under one
roof, are bringing to the community a higher level of service to those
needing professional alternative, traditional and complimentary medicine.
This is the way of the future and it is happening today in Takapuna NZ.     phone: (09) 488 0208

With Tim Lynch in Mobilising Consciousness

At 9.05am Thursday, this program is streamed from the PlanetFM studios:

ipod and stream can be obtained 6 hours after broadcasting.


The Natural Health Conference and Expo Auckland 2010
- Free Expo, early bird rates for conference extended

The New Zealand Natural Health Conference and Expo, opens next week and
takes place from 16-17 September 2010 at Aotea Centre, Queen Street in

What’s happening in 2010??
The Expo with more than forty companies is free to attend if you register
on line (prior 5pm on 15th September) – save time and money – register NOW

New opening hours on Thursday – the expo will be open from 11am -7pm

The Natural Health Conference includes presentations from Dr S Ajit, Eric
Bakker, Zac Bobrov, Yvonne Gattung, Dr Kamal Karl, Kim Knight, Wendy
Maddocks–Jennings, David Musgrave and Cassandra Wollett. – sessions start
from only $75

FREE Networking reception on the expo floor – on Thursday evening from
5.30 -7pm we will be offering drinks and nibbles on the show floor for all

FREE screening of ‘Food Matters’ – a hard hitting, fast paced look at our
current state of health – from 6pm on Thursday evening – registrations

There are also two free sessions from Joseph Blessing and David Slinger on
Thursday prior to the conference starting.

Remember the Natural Health Conference & Expo only takes place every two
years – don’t miss it!

Register now to take advantage of discounts for booking early! Simply
click here to book.

We look forward to seeing you there – any questions please call 0800 451 590

In Mobilising Consciousness

Next WBN NZ 'Last Thursday' meeting date in 2010

Thursday, 24th June 2010

The New Zealand network has been initiated and co-founded by Adriane Beate von
Strauch - Film Editor, Arts Manager and Natural Health Consultant - in February 2005.
Adriane's professional background is portrayed at

Her new intuitive coaching and creative consultancy business Cosmic Muse Ltd. has been launched in Auckland in July 2007 -

The Wholistic Business Network in New Zealand is a cooperative of business
owners and entrepreneurs who desire to work together to create a better world by redefining the way in which they conduct their business.

WBN NZ members foster enlightened business relationships by sharing common values, ideas, skills and services in an environment of mutual support and generosity.

The WBN is a cooperative of individuals working together at a local and intercontinental level to create a conscious business & lifestyle network across the globe. It is our desire to bring spiritual and ethical values into our business relationships and to create new ways of conducting business based on ecological principles such as personal mastery
and self empowerment.

WBN NZ - Wholistic Business Network NZ
Adriane B von Strauch
PO Box 7231
Auckland 1030
ph/fax 0800 122 935
mbl 021 1599 187


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