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Welcome to the WBN - Brisbane Networking Evening

Yolande Entsch uses fun, creativity, innovation and provocative thinking as a community builder, facilitator, educator and coach for community organisations and small business. She designs and develops Program s and Projects that nurture new ways of thinking, doing and being to contribute to a just, vibrant and sustainable world.

This is expressed through Blaknwite, working in partnership with Indigenous and non-Indigenous organisations to nurture self esteem, skills and cultural identity in individuals and contribute to community development.

As Director of Positive Planet she is creating programs that bring ‘for-profit’ organisations and ‘not-for-profit’ organisations together to work ‘for benefit’ for the community, its people and the environment. She is launching a new business in early 2010, called Advance Centre Enterprises, that showcases her new programs and other like-minded people’s new programs to individuals, organisations and communities.

 This is your personal invitation to the
Special Reinvigoration event. Together, we can create
a community of inspired and inspiring members!

WBN business network meeting

WHEN:                 WEDNESDAY 17th MARCH from 7.00pm - 9.30pm

WHERE:               Queen Alexandra Home
                              (the upstairs room with great city views)
347 Old Cleveland Rd Coorparoo
                              (next to Coorparoo State School)

COVER CHARGE:              $20

RSVP:                                 Yolie on 0409 343 418 or
yolie@acenet.net.au by 19/01/09

...to ignite your passion and to discover how we can all
optimise our potential by working together



Welcome and Introduction:
What’s happening with WBN in Brisbane


Peer Solutions:
Our collective thinking will help break through your issue. As a small group activity you will work through an issue raised by your group. The conversation of solutions will continue on cre8you.com WBN Brisbane chat room.


David Zeltner is an inspiring entrepreneur, one of the founding directors of Wholistic Business Network and director of Creating Change Australia Pty Ltd. His brilliance is able to see out of the box solutions that dramatically increase his client’s profit without them having to spend huge amounts of money.

David will show you
how to uncover the value you add to your life, your business or organisation. Start planning now and you are more likely to do what you want in life and catch those amazing opportunities that come your way.

You will really sense how opportunities emerge when your vision is clear!

9.25pm                  Drawing of prizes and close



Until we meet on Wednesday night, have a wonderful time,
Yolie Entsch, Coordinator and the WBN Team


To create personal and professional connections that you may be seeking;

To educate and inform our members about things that really matter; and

To build a sense of community 'a world to which people want to belong'

WBN Vision:

The Wholistic Business Network (WBN) is a growing international network of wholistically minded people.


The WBN aims to continuously expand its global network of inspired individuals who share similar values and standards. It is a meeting place for creative spirits who appreciate and seek quality interactions between themselves and others.


The WBN’s mission is to inspire, educate and prosper through creative networking and the principles of synergy. Our membership is based on collaboration and generosity, mutual support, education and networking.



8.45pm - Finish




Queen Alexandra Home
               (the upstairs room with great city views)

347 Old Cleveland Rd Coorparoo
                      (next to Coorparoo State School)

Donations for Door Prizes accepted on the night

(A great way to promote your services & products 
whilst supporting the WBN...!)

Please feel free in forwarding this email to family and friends who might be interested in attending.


Wednesday 17th March 2010




7pm - 8.45 pm


$20.00 - Donation


Yolie on 0409 343 418 or yolie@acenet.net.au


Please email us to subscribe to our Email List:
Have an Inspired week & look forward to Seeing you soon,
Kind Regards,
 Yolie on 0409 343 418

If you would like the opportunity to do a short overview of your business at the WBN please get in touch with us ASAP.

"What you are is what you have been, what you will be is what you do now." Buddha


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